Air Defence Captain
Basic Information
Affiliations Big Green, Anti-Air Units
Species Human
Dwelling Big Green
Allies First Squad, Commander ApeTrully
Enemies HighRoller, Zebra Brothers, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased)
Voice Actor Ian James Corlett

The Air Defence Captain, sometimes also called the Air Defence Commander, is a human warrior and a member of Big Green.


At some point after the formation of Big Green, the Air Defence Captain joined and attained his present rank and title. He has subsequently commanded the Anti-Air Units during attacks on Big Green, such as in The Air Battle.

He was again seen directing Big Green's cannon fire in The Bronze Giant Part I, and joined the Giant in the The Bronze Giant Part II.


Though high ranking, he has yet to show a military shrewdness characteristic of his position. In fact, he has been known to act downright foolishly, influenced more by his stomach than his mind, such as in The Air Battle, when he ate Lin Chung's bamboo ammunition, rendering him defenseless against the eagles


  • The Air Defence Captain is one of the largest humans in this cast. If the feather on his head is included, he is the tallest human known human in Hidden Kingdom.
    • If it is not included, he is slightly shorter than Redface Kwan.
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