Top Spinning, their favorite past time


The giant baboon, the top spinner


Baboons with their king

In baboon castle, they stole water from humans because they were infested by brainwashing fleas that turn them evil. The water puts the fleas to sleep. Woo goes to their castle while they aren't under the fleas' control and tells them how selfish they are. Eventually the fleas turn them evil and they capture Woo, causing First Squad to come. During the battle, Mighty Ray causes it to rain, putting out their fire monsters and also releasing the baboons from the fleas. Baboon Kings asks them to promise to release them from the fleas, but turns evil and infests Jumpy. They challenge First Squad to a top spinning competiton. With a tied score, a giant baboon squashes Jumpy, causing Lin Chung to try to spin Mighty Ray, resulting in them finding the soap berries and release the baboons from the fleas. It is unkown if the baboons were actually evil, as they seemed to be only evil when infested by the fleas. They also appeared in "The Pitched Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies" blowing the noses of the pigs.
Basic Information