The Bats are one of the animal groups that Big Green manages to persuade to join them after a long battle. They have many talents and useful skills. Such as:

  • Ultrasonic Sonar, which can pick up brain waves and allow them to read other peoples minds. As shown when their eyes turn into radar screens
  • When thrown they can be used like Shuriken, due to their extremely sharp wings.


The bats are on the smaller scale as far as the animals met are shown. They are all dark colored or brown, and resemble caps with very pointed ears with blue coloring inside, and a tan lower jaw. Their eyes are bright yellow-green with red irises and they have a single fan poking out from their lip. Their wings are very long, in contrast to their body and can be used like hands.


The Bats appear in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force". In this episode, High Roller having been inspire by Lin Chung's spliced animal designs, had the bats and Hens join with the Bald Eagles to form the ultimate Air fighting force and destroy Big Green! The bats formed as Sonar dectection devices on top of the Eagles in order to predict the Air Forces moves beforehand, allowing the Eagles and Hens to easily dodge their attacks and counter-attack. Forcing them to retreat to the point First Squad had to be called to help assist. But before they could do so, Mighty Ray, Jumpy Ghostface, and Mystique Sonia jumped on and took the planes out...

...Despite not knowing how to use them.

Not surprisingly, the quickly lost control and had no idea what they were doing. Ironically, this was how they managed to stop the Bats, Eagles, and Hens. Due to not knowing what they were doing, the bats couldn't predict their movements which left them vulnerable. Still determined to win, the Bald Eagles threw the bats at them. After Mighty Ray blasts them, the Eagles leave the bats and hens behind...

Subsequently, Bat King accepts Ape Trully's offer for friendship seeing that High Roller and the Eagles didn't care about them. The bats later help Big Green defeat the monster that was created from High Roller, the Zebras, the Eagles, and Bearstomp by Mighty Ray. Their job at Big Green is that they now form the sonar for the Air Force planes.