Basic Information

The bears are allies to Highroller, and are the infantrymen in his army. They are probably his most important allies, due to the countless duties they perform.  Their king is Bearstomp, a heavily armored bear that is employed as bodyguard to Highroller.

The bears are good at many things, such as driving, table soccer, and many other random little things. They are also shown to have a lot of strength.


The bears come in many different colors. Apparently, right under Bearstomp in rank, there seems to be a special squad of bears that are distinguished by their shape, unique color, or clothing. Due to this they are often seen ahead of the other bears or animals that High Roller considers for a mission.


The bears played an important role in Chameleon Castle where Highroller used them to man the tanks the chameleons commindeered from the Tank Army.

The bears lack of "book smarts" can be shown in Folk Game Competition II.



  • They are loyal to High Roller.