Basic Information
Hero: 52
Species Bear
Dwelling East Citadel
Allies Zebra brothers, HighRoller, Eagle King, (formerly) Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Chameleon Queen (formerly)
Enemies Big Green, Commander ApeTrully, First Squad, most Humans

Bearstomp, also known as Bear King, is a heavily armored bear who works as HighRoller's aide and bodyguard. Often, however, he can be sleeping, with many nose bubbles appearing.  He can also combine with High Roller to allow him to control his body, and when they combine HighRoller calls himself "High-Stomp," as seen in Firework Festival of East Citadel. Bearstomp is feared by most other animals.


He is distinguished from his many minions by being the only one in armor, as well as being the only brown one, and by the fact that he's slighty bigger than his minions.

His arm seems to be gone and replaced with a mechanical one that can shoot out and retract. He is also armed with a helmet that shoots cannonballs.


He and his massive army are one of HighRoller's most critical and major allies as they perform a multitude of tasks. They are often seen at East Citadel.



  • Its often guessed that Bearstomp is a grizzly bear, due to similiar color schemes and markings.
  • His name wasn't actually revealed until season two. In season one, he went unnamed. Before the second season, during the original Chinese reel for Hero: 108, he was labeled as Bearstomp, which was used in the future.
  • It has been said in the show that Bearstomp only detests the smell of humans.
  • In the episode Gladiators, it looked as if Big Green would finally make peace with the bears via friendship with Bearstomp, but this did not happen.
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