Big Green's army is sorted into different groups.
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Height Chart

First SquadEdit

Big Green's elite all-purpose team. They often go to save Commander ApeTrully when he is captured.

Second SquadEdit

Big Green's second best warriors. They are insanely jealous of First Squad.

Air ForceEdit

The Big Green Air Force fight for Big Green in the skies.

  • Master Chou - Leader of the Air Force. Classified as Hero 086
  • Rosefinch - Classified as Hero 104
  • Burly - Classified as Hero 065
  • Mano - Classified as Hero 083
  • Air Force Staff - The staff members that serve the Air Force
  • Bats - Use their mind-reading abilites to help the pilots in combat
  • Hens - Act as gunners on the planes with their egg shooting abilities

Tank ArmyEdit

The Tank Army is one of the most powerful forces, and one of the most used army by ApeTrully. Their tanks are giant calabash gourds attached to tank treads. The troops fire the tanks by placing cannonballs into the firing hole and punching them.

  • Tank Commander - Leader of the Tank Army. Classified as Hero 085
  • Tank drivers
  • Tank gunners


The Navy of Big Green protect Big Green from water attacks, or go on underwater missions. They are highly competent and have one of the best track records in all of Big Green's military. Members include:

  • Lady Green - Classified is Hero: 059.
  • Sammo Whale - One of Big Green's major forms of aquatic transport. Classified as Hero: 044
  • The sea kings:


An elite team of warriors led by Redface Kwan. They are also expert in stealth combat.

Anti-Air UnitsEdit

They protect Big Green from direct attacks, primarily those from the air.


Commander ApeTrullyEdit

Commander ApeTrully is the leader of Big Green. He is classified as Hero: 001.

Woo the WiseEdit

Woo the Wise is Big Green's inventor. He is classified as Hero: 003.

Turtle CannonsEdit

The turtles serve as a mode of transportation for First Squad and Second Squad when they travel. They are classified as Hero: 075.

Wu SongEdit

Wu Song is Big Green's dentist. He is classified as Hero: 014.

Gardener ChingEdit

Gardener Ching is Big Green's gardener who grows the large calabash gourds for the Tank Army's tanks.