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Basic Information
Species Human
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Master Chou, Mano, Rosefinch, Hens, Bats, First Squad
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp
Voice Actor Ian James Corlett

Burly is a human and one of the principle members of the Big Green Air Force. He always rides with Master Chou.


Burly is very large and overweight, with a big rounded body, thick arms and a chubby face. He has prawn pink skin with small black eyes with small darker pink circles around his eyes, a small nose tipped with darker pink and a small mouth. He wears a white shirt that is too small for him, the sleeves only come halfway down his arms and it doesn't fit his body. His shirt has an open front that shows off his chest and his belly, which has a white diamond around the bellybutton. He also wears white trousers, baby blue coloured shoes with black upside down triangles on them, and a white standard airforce cap that also doesn't fit properly, which covers his black Afro hair that he uses as a parachute, like the other members of the Air Force.


Burly appears to be very greedy, as he likes to eat a lot. He is often seen eating when off duty and once made a sad face when he could not eat in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force". He is also brave, like the other members of the Air Force, as they fight in air battles.


  • Crossbow attack- Burly's most significant role on the team is when using the crossbow attack, wherein he holds the plane which is launched, stretching his arms like the string of a bow.
  • Combining the airforce- Burly also at times combines the planes of the airforce. The other fly their planes next to his and Master Chou's plane, and he holds the planes together using his hands.


  • When using the combining attack or the crossbow attack, Burly's eyes bulge outwards, causing him tolerable but substantial pain.
    • After one instance of using the combining attack, in "Bald Eagle Castle", Burly asked Rosefinch to kiss his eyeballs better.  However, she refused, unsurprisingly disgusted.
  • Burly is the largest member of the Air Force, but he is slightly shorter than Mano.
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