Camels using their tails to draw.

The camels appear in "Camel Castle". Camels have special tails which they can manipulate like hands or use them like whips. Camels also have a nasty spit attack which stinks and can K.O. The camels also have powerful weapons like thorn-shooting cactus hats and paint brush launchers that explode. The camels can also join to form a camel monster that attacks with whips.The camels love to paint. In "Camel Castle", Ape Trully tried to make peace with them, but the camels just took him and used him as a paint model (which Camel King treated poorly). When First Squad got there, they engaged the camels while Lin Chung was drawing ApeTrulley poorly. After the camels spit on his teammates, Lin Chung had to retreat with them. Woo the Wise then had the Air Force drop minty gum to freshen the camels' breath. After a long fight the camels were defeated but would only join Big Green if First Squad could draw as well as them. Despite First Squad's intervention, Lin Chung shows them his drawing which the camels love (the thought it was abstract) and they join Big Green. In "Camel Castle II" Camel King challenged Lin Chung to an art contest and won. Feeling humans to be inferior artists he left Big Green and had the camels drive out the humans. ApeTrulley came to get him to reconsider but just like the last peace mission the camels just used him as an art model again. First Squad went to save Ape Trulley (except Lin Chung who isolated himself to find inspiration to draw) came to Camel Castle and found the camels in fierce battle with the infantry. First Squad got squished when they tried to get in forcing Lin Chung to intervene. Given inspiration by his flat friends, he drew and abstract painting and showed it to Camel King. Seeing the unbelievable art, the camels rejoin Big Green.

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