The cats.

Really sad felines that could not feel the joy of laughter due to hairball in their stomachs, the cats punished anyone who laughed in their kingdom.

Their signature weapon is the "Chili Pepper Bomb", made in the shape of fish. When thrown, causes the target to possibly cry as it irritates their eyes. Its said cat tears are very acidic.

They also have very good night vision and are good jumpers.


The cats first appear in Cat Castle when the Zebra's came in to order them to attack Big Green. Instead the cats heard them laugh and threw their bombs at them, taking them hostage. When Ape Trully comes with the Tank Army he finds that the cats took them captive. He then makes a joke about how he can take a "cat nap" and giggles. This upsets the cats and they throw their bombs and take him captive too. When First Squad come they find that the Tank soldiers are suffering from the pepper bombs.

It's then Jumpy comes up with a plan, during the night they trick the cats into entering a device made of the Tanks, which makes them dizzy and Jumpy ties them up! Once First Squad makes them laugh the cats cough up their hairballs. Which makes them very happy. Grateful the cats join Big Green and help Mighty Ray with his comedy act.


The cats come in mainly three colors. Blue, Green, and orange-red. They are square/box-like with pointed ears and usually slanted eyes and long curly tails.


  • The cats landing on their feet is similiar to the fact/opinion that "cats always land on their feet".