Chameleon Tank
Basic Information
Dwelling Inside Chameleon Queen
Allies HighRoller (Formerly), Zebra Brothers (Formerly), Humans, Chameleon Queen, Big Green
Enemies Big Green (Formerly), HighRoller
The Chameleons are a mode of transport and a weapon used by East Citadel at times.They first appeared in "Pitched Battle of the Tank Army". They apparently like eating mosquitoes. Chameleons also have very vulnerable skin as even pinching them will have them bursting in tears. In their debut episode High Roller tried to use them to capture the treasure. Despite getting the upper hand at first with their tongues and invisibility their skin left them at the mercy of the Turtles' Pyramid Formation forcing them to retreat. High Roller later discovered the bells from the Bell Tower functioned as great armor for Chameleon Queen and her subjects. They put the armor on the chameleons, tank treads and cannonball launchers, and now made them the Chameleon Tank Army. In this form they're much harder to damage. With their upgrades they easily outlasted the turtles and took First Squad hostage but let them go when Lin Chung dazzled High Roller. In " Chameleon Castle", Commander ApeTrully tried to make peace with them but ended up falling into a trap laid by High Roller and ended up getting captured like most the Tank soldiers and the chameleons commandeer the tanks for the Bears. First Squad later came, erased the fog, and freed the soldiers and Apetrully. Using their "Sky Wheel Tank" formation the sent the lizards packing. In "Turtle Cannon Competition III" Chameleon Queen had some her soldiers function as the rides for Second Squad when they teamed up.  As High Roller's Tank Army, they  are one of High Roller's most important allies. However, at the end of "The Bronze Giant", Apetrully seems to have finally convinced the Chameleons to join Big Green, as they do not return to East Citadel with High Roller, the Zebra Brothers, and Bearstomp.


Chameleons have several abilities. They have:-

  • Long tongues Chameleons can use their long tongues to attack or ensnare foes. They can also use their tongues like fans just like Mystique Sonia.
  • Invisibility Chameleons can also turn invisible when they're naked (without their armor).
  • Transport Chameleons are, at times, used as transport for residents of East Citadel.
  • Weapons As of "Pitched Battle of the Tank Army", chameleons have been used as cannons.

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The chameleons initial appearance were small tomato red colored lizards with small black spikes running down their spines as well as red eyes with black pupils moving every which way. After their first defeat High Roller used the bells from the old bell tower mentioned earlier in the story as armor for the chameleons and he also created hulking, black & red cannons for their use and finally he manufactured tank treads for the chameleons so they could keep up with their turtle counterparts.