The cheetahs are race of felines inhabiting Hidden Kingdom. They are ruled by the Cheetah King and Cheetah Queen, and reside in Cheetah Castle.


Long ago, Hidden Kingdom was invaded by Cocky Aliens. It was the cheetahs who finally learned how to defeat them: by kicking them one hundred times. Ever since, cheetahs have been known to have an obsession with the game of shuttlecock, even using it to make their decisions.

In the modern day, at the time of Cheetah Castle, the first encounter of Big Green with cheetahs was when Commander ApeTrully attempted to make peace with them by approaching Cheetah King. At this time, Cheetah King had been attempting to make the human denizens of Cheetah Castle learn the game of shuttlecock. However, the reappearance of a Cocky Alien led to First Squad and cheetahs working together, and the subsequent alliance between the cheetahs and Big Green.

The cheetahs were again menaced by Cocky Aliens in Cheetah Castle II. This time, several such aliens encased Cheetah Castle behind an indestructible crystal barrier. While the cheetah monarchs aided Lin Chung and the rest of First Squad to defeat the aliens, the cheetahs were eventually freed when Woo the Wise thought to have Crab King tunnel under the barrier and into the castle.

In The Third Squad, several cheetahs were taken by bear soldiers and forced to take part in the combinations created by the Amulets of Chi Gong. They unwillingly leant their speed to the fused warriors, but were freed by Harmonic Energy.

The cheetah monarchs later proved valuable assets in the final battle against Twin Masters. Cheetah King's powers were specifically called upon while he was merged with the other heroes in the Bronze Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cheetahs are best known for their incredible speed. Cheetah King and Queen were notable for their ability to become legs and combine with Lin Chung. All known cheetahs are versed in the game of shuttlecock.


  • Cheetahs revere the shuttlecock. When their king and queen argue, they resolve their disagreement by challenging one another to a game. The winner is declared right.
  • The word "kitten" is often used in cheetah dialogue, both as a pejorative and as a term of affection.
    • This is likely a reference to cheetahs being a big cat.