Cocky Aliens
Cocky Alien
Basic Information
Species Alien
Dwelling Space
Allies Each other, HighRoller (Formerly)
Enemies High Roller, Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp, Cheetah Queen, Cheetah King, Cheetahs, First Squad, Humans
Voice Actor Andrew Francis
Homeplanet Unknown Planet
Home Unknown Planet

Hidden Kingdom (Currently)

Cocky Aliens are aliens who can be very annoying at times. They can only be defeated by being kicked 100 times in a row. Once this happens they turn into fruit, hence it came into existence. The Cheetahs figured this out, & made the game Shuttlecock. In "Cheetah Castle" a cocky alien came during First Squad and the cheetahs' shuttlecock competition. He began capturing them to sell to "fat aliens" as slaves but was defeated by the joined efforts of Lin Chung, Cheetah King, and Cheetah Queen. In "Cheetah Castle II" they tried to trap the cheetahs and resident humans inside the castle using they crystal guns to encase the castle. Although they managed to take over High Roller and his henchman, they were destroyed by Lin Chung and the cheetahs after a long fight.


  • Mind control- Their notable ability is that they take over the minds and bodies of others by planting themselves in the host's head.
  • Teleportation- They are able to teleport other beings to another place.
  • Invisibility- The cocky aliens can turn invisible when they wear their power suits.
  • Levitation- When wearing their power suits, cocky aliens can levitate.
  • Invulnerability - They can only be harmed by being kicked like a shuttlecock 100 times, and can easily recover from anything else.
  • Self-Destruction - A cocky alien can turn itself into a bomb, which has unknown but reportedly great destructive power. In this state, the cocky alien's eye will be replaced by numbers which countdown to detonation.


  • Laser Gun - Projects lasers and an energy blast that can incase anything it hits in a near-impenetrable crystal barrier.
  • Space Ship- A mode of transportation for the Cocky Aliens, can carry multiple passengers at once.