Crane King
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Basic Information
Hero: 74
Species Crane
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Big Green, First Squad, High Roller (formerly), other Cranes, Humans
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp
Voice Actor Adrian Petriw

Crane King is an animal king and an ally of Big Green. He is presently the only crane to have appeared.


When he was hostile toward Big Green because the Zebra brothers had told him that Big Green wanted to pluck his people's feathers, Crane King challenged First Squad to a battle and quickly gained the upper hand due to a magical curse that had turned all of First Squad but Mystique Sonia into their opposites, leaving them uninclined to fight.  Sonia, however, managed to rally them, and Crane King was defeated.  He surrendered, and also helped First Squad to cure their curse by folding a paper moon to fool the Zebra brothers into using their ghost lanterns.  Because it was not a real full moon, their spells were broken.

Later, Crane King taught Sonia about super chi, which she ultimately misused.  He remained to oversee her recovery.

Crane King aided in preparing for the final battle against Twin Masters in The Bronze Giant Part I / The Bronze Giant Part II.  He later joined the 107 heroes in forming the Bronze Giant.


Crane King is an extremely skilled origami master.  He can use paper to create a vast number of objects, and can use it in battle.  His paper-folding of the moon was so realistic that it fooled the Zebra brothers.

He is also very wise, and trains in the use of super chi.  He can speak human language, and has the ability to fly.



  • Crane King is classified as hero: 074.
    • This corresponds to the seventy-fourth ranked Star of Destiny in the novel Water Margin, Zheng Tianshu, whose nickname is "Fair-skinned Gentleman".
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