Crocodile King

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Crocodile castle

Crocodile Castle



The Crocodiles appeared in "Crocodile Castle", they have slot machines for a lucky winner to live in a luxury paradise on the top of Crocodile Castle, the crocodiles usually play with yo-yos or lying down in the sun to regain power for their sunbeam. They attack with sunbeams they spit out of their mouths, their refected by gold, when they ate the taffy that Mighty Ray had, they can't attack. They joined Big Green when Mighty Ray did a legendary Yo-yo trick, their job at Big Green is producing light for Might Ray's fear of the dark. Crocodile King is green, has light green spots and has a hat that resembles Ape Trully's hat. He appeared in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force" to defeat HighRoller's Black Dragon, he was fused with Deer King, a Hen and Hen King, and Snake King to create a dragon with Woo the Wise's Rubik cube invention. It has the head of Crocodile King, body of Snake King, legs of the Hens and the antlers of Deer King.

In Season 2, he has learned to speak the language of humans, and was voiced by Andrew Francis.