Dogs with Dog King

The dogs are a race of animals inhabiting Hidden Kingdom. They reside at Dog Castle under the leadership of Dog King.


Kid riding a dog intro screen

Human child riding a dog (Show intro screen)

At some point in the past, according to legend, the dogs adopted a human infant who later grew up to be Dog King.

In the present, in Dog Castle, the dogs forged an alliance with HighRoller when he gave them wooden men. No longer requiring humans to direct their sleds, the began terrorizing the humans, and destroying their homes in the trees by pulling them down. When Commander ApeTrully of Big Green attempted to make peace with them, Dog King froze him.

The dogs subsequently fought First Squad, who were coming in order to rescue their commander. They ambushed them in a ravine and attacked while covered in snow, appearing to be giant snowballs. The dogs gained an initial upper hand, but a stalemate was reached when Dog King was knocked out of his dog costume, revealing his true human nature. At this point, Dog King proposed a competition.

The competition consisted of a race to the north, to be the first to find and bring back part of the Terribly Sweet Sundae. The dogs were guided by a wooden man, and they raced against a sled pulled by turtles and guided by Mighty Ray. The dogs, however, were misled by the wooden man and almost plunged over a cliff before being narrowly saved by Mighty Ray and the turtles.

After this, the dogs worked alongside Mighty Ray and the turtles to bring back part of the sundae and later agreed to ally with Big Green. The dogs found their jobs helping Wu Song pull teeth.

Dog King would later yearn to return to the wild in Swamp Hippos. He took a band of dogs with him and went to the swamp. He later aided in defeating the Swamp Hippos who were attacking humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The dogs have great resistance to the cold and Dog King, though human, demonstrated icy breath capable of freezing objects. They are also powerful runners, and can pull heavy objects when working together.


The dogs have a white, bushy hair design as they live in the polar regions.


  • The dogs are based on Siberian huskies, which are known to be trained to pull sleds.
    • Ironically, they resemble white Pomeranians.