Duck Bill King's Minions

Duck Bill King's Minion

Duckbills (Platypi) appeared in "Duckbill Castle". They have an exeptional ability to come together to become giant puzzles that can flaten anything to become a picture on them. In "Duckbill Castle", Ape Trully came with the Tank Army to befriend the duckbills because they were imprisoning humans. But Duckbill King merely sent his minions out who turned into puzzles and proceded to flatten Ape Trully and the Tanks and capture them. At the time First Squad set out Lin Chung and the Cheetah King and Queen already set out to get Duckbill King to fix their painting. When the rest of First Squad caught up to them they decided to go around but ended up in a trap set by the Zebras and the duckbills. When Lin Chung and the cheetahs got their Duckbill King denied fixing the puzzle because the cheetahs were a part of Big Green and sent out his duckbill puzzles to catch them. However, Lin Chung joined with the cheetahs and together smashed up the puzzles. Seeing the full moon the Zebras used their Ghost Lanterns to launch zebra-shaped mosquitos at them but this only inadvertantly led to the creation of their "Super Spin Punch Move" which they used to knock the Zebras away. Admiring their teamwork, the duckbills join Big Green.
Duck bill puzzle mode

Duck Bill Puzzle Mode