Eagle King
Eagle King
Basic Information
Species Eagle

Pterodactyl Phoenix

Alias Bald Eagle King (Air Battle), Ostrich King (Ostrich Castle), Pterodactyl King (The Return of the Pterodactyls)
Species Eagle
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Big Green, First Squad, High Roller (formerly), other Eagles, Humans
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp

The Eagle King, sometimes called Bald Eagle King, is the ruler of the eagles, and has been in all of their collective forms.  He's distinguished from his minions since he is the only one with a white body. He also is a great strategist since his minions seem great at teamwork, like the twister, the sun trick, skeleton, hen guns, bat shurikens, Ostrich Wheel, Black Dragon, etc. He is probably one of the most prominently seen animals with his minions. In "Air Battle, he was transformed into Bald Eagle King, in "Bald Eagle Castle", he was transformed into Ostrich King.

In the episode The Return of the Pterodactyls Twin Masters used a special sap from an ancient tree has been transformed into Pterodactyl King. In the episode "The Yeti & Phoenix", Twin Masters transformed Bald Eagle King into a phoenix till the end of the end of the episode. Bald Eagle King (alongside Polar Bear King) joined up with Big Green.


Like his subjects, he can fly faster than Big Green Air Force's planes and spitting grapes as bullets at rapid firing speed.

As Ostrich King, a fast runner, long constricting neck and stronger than his eagle form. He can combine with his subjects into a living Bird Ball of Fury, spinning into a deadly sphere weapon, entrapping victims, pecking them with painful blows and extremely tough to separate.

As Pterodactyl King, becoming a powerful aerial terror of the sky and more faster than the Air Force's planes. Also, using egg bombs and later unleashing his egg shelled-like knights. 

As a Phoenix he can set things on fire or melt the ice with his flaming screech. 


Brooding, prideful, serious and harsh, he is loyal to High Roller and always disrespect Zebra Brothers as pest than allies. He first shown as uncaring king and lazy to fight. Soon, revealing to be a born strategist and aerial warrior leader.

As Ostrich King, he is gullible, dimwitted and aggressive as a flightless bird.

When he and Polar Bear King realized Lin Chung's intentions, he finally see his mistakes and both kings joined Big Green. 


The Return of the PterodactylsEdit


  • During his eagle form, his eyes resembles a Egyptian bird's eyes.
  • One of the few animal leaders that remain loyal High Roller to finally defect to Big Green in Season 2. 
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