2 Eagles, in Eagle form


3 Eagles, in Bald Eagle form

The eagles, often called the bald eagles after the events of The Air Battle, are a species of birds native to Hidden Kingdom. Though somewhat infamous for their close allegiance to High Roller, they have actually been allies of Big Green since The Yeti & Phoenix. They are ruled by Eagle King and reside at Eagle Castle.


As EaglesEdit

The eagles first appeared in Eagle Castle.  The used a giant flying skeleton puppet to strike fear into their enemies, but it was destroyed by the efforts of First Squad and the Big Green Air Force.  They appeared again in The Air Battle, where their heads lost their feathers, leading them to be called Bald Eagles.

As Bald EaglesEdit

The eagles, still bald, reappeared in Bald Eagle Castle, where they kidnapped Commander ApeTrully again.  Due to a mishap, their necks were stretched and they lost their ability to fly. They were henceforth declared to be ostriches.

As OstrichesEdit

The ostriches appeared in Ostrich Castle, where they were convinced by the Zebra brothers to become their own personal equivalent to First Squad.  The Zebras helped them, albeit unexpectedly, to regain their ability to fly, but the newly restored bald eagles betrayed them when they got tired of their rule.

Bald Eagles Again and PterodactylsEdit

The bald eagles returned to High Roller's service in Pitched Battle of the Air Force, wherein they combined with the hens and bats to make an ultimate flying force.  When they were eventually defeated, they abandoned the bats and hens.  They later reappeared, operating the Black Dragon puppet, but were exposed.  Several eagles were then absorbed into the 12 Eyed Striped Dumbat.

The Bald Eagles were turned into pterodactyls in The Return of the Pterodactyls, when the consumed poisoned sap from the Humbata trees.  However, the Fruiter used a special coral of his to undue the transformation.
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Baby Pterodactyl warrior before fully hatching.


The Return of the PterodactylsEdit


  • They are the only animal to have assumed so many different forms: ostriches, bald eagles, pterodactyls and eagles.
  • Alongside several other animals, including the chameleons, bears, whales (other than Sammo), goldfish, and woodpeckers, they are amongst the only animals that never join Big Green in season one, but in the episode "The Yeti & Phoenix", the Bald Eagle King joins Big Green after Lin Chung returned him to his true form.
  • ApeTrully's inability to befriend them was a running gag in season one.
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