East Citadel
East Citadel
Basic Information
Ruler HighRoller
Inhabitants Bears, Various animals
Location Hidden Kingdom
East Citadel is a citadel that once belonged to an emperor before HighRoller usurped him. It is now ruled by High Roller.


East Citadel was once owned by an Emperor about whom little is known. High Roller used to serve him as a court jester, until he insulted the Emperor and was banished from East Citadel. It's currently unknown what happened to the former Emperor after High Roller usurped him.


It now belongs to High Roller, Bearstomp and the Zebra brothers, but mostly HighRoller. Twin Masters is also shown to have some control over it, since HighRoller serves Twin Masters.


It looks like a Chinese building, kind of like a palace, but there are roads, which can cause High Roller to have headaches because of the traffic. It can move to the side to reveal a sort of competition arena where High Roller challenges Big Green to different events. 



  • East Citadel's location was first pinpointed on a map in Animals Inside Part I. Ironically, it is actually west of Big Green.