A group of Egrets

The Egrets first appeared in "EgretOx Castle". The Egrets are notable for being one of the few animals that work such proximation that they occupy the same turf. They work with the Oxen in order to grow and cook rice. The egrets' job is plant the rice in the patties and cook the rice. The rice is so good that Humans and animals can't stay away or will be stopped by its lucious smell. The Egrets are experts at bombing foes. In "EgretOx Castle" the Egrets and Oxen were nailing the humans with lead bombs. When Commander ApeTrully got there, he painfully found out the reason the people couldn't stay away was because the rice was too enticing and when he went to make peace they captured him and used him as a scare-crow. He then found himself in an even worse position as he got hit by their lead bombs as they were blasting the locusts away. First Squad then came to his rescue and creamed the oxen and egrets at first. But then they immobilized most of First Squad by using the scent from their rice and pinned them down. Lin Chung then fought them until the Locusts came back and began eating the crops. Lin Chung, the Oxen, and Egrets started blasting them until Jumpy Ghostface (with his soft spot for insects) escaped and began defending them only for Egret Queen to slam him with Ox King. The locusts then merged into bigger ones and Jumpy told them they have to help if they want to eat. The locusts then make peace with the oxen and egrets who furthermore make peace with the humans and join Big Green. The Egrets along with the oxen now work together with humans and locusts to grow rice.