The elephants.

The Elephants appear in "Elephant Castle". Elephants specialize in wind based attacks. Elephants can blow whistles which can then function as whips. Elephants can also suck things in or blow stuff out like water and cannonballs. When Elephants blow really hard the deflate and become very light. They then have to inflate themselves using pumps. In "Elephant Castle" the Elephants had captured Commander ApeTrully and were fighting the Tank Army. When First Squad arrived Mighty Ray snuck in, saved Commander Apetrully, and blasted the Elephant's pump to recharge. Elephant King then challenged them to a whistle-blowing contest. When Lin Chung beat him, he passed out from a lack of breath. Once Mighty Ray revives him the Elephants join Big Green. In "Elephant Castle II" the Elephants were having fun with Humans. Elephant King had his troops turn on the humans after the Zebra Brothers tricked him into thinking Big Green hated him.

The elephants deflated.

After he learns the truth, the Elephants rejoined Big Green. He appeared in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force" when Woo the Wise tested out his Rubik Cube that can fuse things together. He was fused with Peacock Queen, Scorpion King and Octopus King. The fused animal had the head of Elephant King, the body, the pincers and tail of Scorpion King, Peacock Queen's head on the end of Scorpion King's tail and the tentacles of Octopus King.
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