First Squad
Basic Information
Leader Mr. No Hands (Season One), Lin Chung (Season Two onwards)
Dwelling Big Green
Members Mr. No Hands

Jumpy Ghostface Mighty Ray Yaksha Mystique Sonia Lin Chung

First Squad is a multi-purpose team of warriors within Big Green who work to protect peace in Hidden Kingdom. Their missions range from matters of diplomacy, which typically involve defeating animals misled by High Roller in competitions, to preventing natural disasters. They tend to be Commander ApeTrully's go-to team for difficult tasks. They are also a close band of friends.


  • Mr. No Hands: The flying member of First Squad. He is the team's leader and trainer in season one. Though he keeps his team in line, he often does not accompany them on missions, due to the fact that he is not much of a fighter.
  • Lin Chung: The team's sniper, field leader when Mr. No Hands is not present , and the best friend of Jumpy Ghostface. In season two, he is promoted to full-time leader. He is the most skilled member of the team and often helps them when in competitions.
  • Jumpy Ghostface: The only animal on the team. Jumpy is a strong defender, using his jump rope like a forcefield, and also wields a sharp, inspired creativity that helps think of better strategies for the team, which are usually interpreted by his best friend, Lin Chung.
  • Mystique Sonia: A female warrior who fights with her unusually long, and very powerful, tongue. She is aided in combat by Yaksha, who perches on her head. It often falls to her to keep Mighty Ray in line.
    • Yaksha: A pink creature that likes to sit atop Sonia's head.  Possesses extensive stretching abilities and is much strong than his thin arms betray.
  • Mighty Ray: The team's unrestrained physical powerhouse. Mighty Ray is very strong, but even more formidable are his Magical Electrical Eyeballs, which can shoot lightning. Mighty Ray's only real weaknesses are his recklessness and his hatred of bananas, which charge up his electrical powers.


  • They always beat Second Squad because they realise being known as "First Squad" means more than being the best of the best.
  • Jumpy Ghostface joined First Squad in "Rabbit Castle".
  • First Squad and Second Squad rival each other, yet don't bear malice against each other because they both work for the same cause.
First Squad
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