The fleas attach onto the baboons

The fleas are a race of tiny insects. They first appeared in Baboon Castle.


Some time prior to Baboon Castle, High Roller managed to obtain a large number of fleas, though it is not known if they allied with him or if he took them by force. He then rained them down over Baboon Castle, where they infested the baboons and made them wild and evil. The baboons, realizing the fleas could only be controlled with water, which makes them sleep, proceeded to take as many baths as they could.

When Woo the Wise and Parrot King arrived to try to make peace with the baboons, fleas also infected Woo, making him act wild.  However, he was soon cured when a supply of Chinese Soap Berries was found. The berries were then used to defeat the fleas.


Fleas can infect other animals and make their victims become evil.  They are very difficult to get rid of.


Fleas can be made to sleep with water, but will awaken when they dry.  The only known cure that gets rid of them entirely is Chinese soap berries.


  • It is unknown if fleas are intelligent.  They never interacted with other animals, and unlike with most insects, Jumpy Ghostface had no qualms with harming them.