Gardener Ching
Basic Information
Species Human
Allies Big Green
Enemies HighRoller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased).
Voice Actor Andrew Francis

Gardener Ching is a deuteragonist who has so far only appeared in Chameleon Castle. He was seen growing the tanks for Big Green. He also made the Tank Commander cry using insults to use his tears as water to make the tanks grow quickly. It might be possible that he is also a fighter because if you watch carefully, he was shown in the introduction, located between Wu Song, Kowloon and The Sailor Brothers (the scene where the warriors of Big Green are facing the animals). In the original line-up, he can shoot laser eyes, so he may be a warrior too.


Gardener Ching has peach coloured skin. He wears a green outfit that looks a bit like a vegetable top, which has pink and blue bunting type pattern around the neck, and he also wears a black hat, that is shaped like a cauldron with a big pink eye on it, that covers his eyes and nose. Under his hat, which doubles as a pot to catch tears in, Gardener Ching has a head shaped like a tank (aubergine-shaped), a long nose, small black eyes, a small mouth with buck teeth and black hair with a corkscrew curl that stands up on top of his head.

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