The Ghost Lanterns are what the Zebra Brothers use to fight First Squad. Once a month, when the Moon is full, the Ghost Lanterns fill with magic power, which gives the Zebra Brothers abilities to do many things, usually for their benefit, to turn things to their advantage. In "Parrot Castle", the Ghost Lanterns actually burned out, but appeared in subsequent episodes, suggesting they may have more than one set of ghost lanterns.


  • Act as normal lanterns (Done without moon power).
  • Turn people into stone.
  • Shoot darts.
  • Cause their foe to face their worst nightmare.
  • Create zebra clone army.
  • Fly by spinning them (done without moon power).
  • Become one giant zebra.
  • Create zebra mosquitoes.
  • Make a shadow monster that can steal it's foes abilities.
  • Act as blowtorches (Done without moon power).
  • Turn First Squad ( Excluding Mystique Sonya) into girls.