Giraffes helping the skunks.

The giraffes appear in "Pandaffe Castle". The giraffes are notable for being one of the few animals that work so closely together that they occupy the same castle. Giraffes, in real life, are the tallest animals in the show. The giraffes' necks are so strong that they can function as catapults and launch objects as heavy as pandas with ease. In "Pandaffe Castle", they along with the pandas were making the humans listen to bad concerts being done by Giraffe King and Panda King and when Ape Trully didn't clap for one of them they took him hostage. When First Squad showed up the giraffes were launching pandas at the Tank Army. Lin Chung snuck in and found that the attack was making them weak. This became an unimportant factor though, as Panda King and Giraffe King renergized them with their music. When First Squad called on Rattle Diva's help she only switched to the other side and helped them make mega music. This only made the giraffes so strong that the pandas landed in the clouds. Once First Squad gets them down the giraffes along with pandas join Big Green. In "Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies" Ape Trully uses the giraffes to get the skunks down.

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