Apetrully with gold

Gold is a rare but valuable metal.  Certain animals, such a Commander ApeTrully, and possibly all monkeys, hold it in high regard, though most other animals are uninterested in it.

Gold appears to be the main currency of Hidden Kingdom, as seen in Crocodile Castle. After ApeTrully's first peace-making disaster with Jumpy Ghostface and the Rabbits, where he tried to offer carrots as a token of friendsip, he since used golden presents to try to win the hearts of the animals he wished to befriend. However, his golden presents proved to be no more successful as most animals are quick to dismiss his gold.

As of season two, ApeTrully no longer offers gold to animals.


  • The gold Apetrully offers to animals is likely the same gold each time, as the animals rarely accept it.
  • The lions actually took the gold which ApeTrully offered them, but betrayed him and to him captive anyway. It is unknown whether they still have it, as it was not mentioned or seen again.