The Groundhogs

The groundhogs are a race of animals living in Hidden Kingdom.  They reside in Groundhog Castle under the leadership of Groundhog King.


At some point in the past, Groundhog King tunneled under Parrot Castle, such that he could learn human language from Parrot King giving lessons.

Later, around the time of Groundhog Castle, the groundhogs came to the conclusion that humans were enemies, and they began stealing vegetables from them.  When Commander ApeTrully of Big Green came investigating the disappearance of the vegetables, they discussed with him the possibility of joining his cause.  However, they opted not to when the Bogwah judged otherwise.

First Squad later came searching for their commander.  They battled the groundhogs, and ultimately arrived in the groundhog throneroom.  The Bogwah this time called for a competition, and so the groundhogs proposed a race through their tunnels to the chamber in which the vegetables were stored, apparently unabashed by their obvious advantage.  Nonetheless, the competition was won by Jumpy Ghostface, and the groundhogs joined Big Green.  They were tasked with cleaning First Squad's launch tubes.

In The Bronze Giant Part II, Groundhog King joined with the other heroes to form the Bronze Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Groundhogs are skilled diggers.  By spinning around, their pointed tails can be used as drills.  When working together, they may form long chains of many drilling groundhogs, which can be used like arms or whips.


  • The groundhogs are extremely indecisive, such as when Groundhog King was unable to decide whether or not he wanted peace.  For this reason, they leave most of their decisions to the Bogwah, and in fact "Bogwah" is all that much groundhogs have been known to say.
  • In Cyber Animals, the robotic animals were modeled after groundhogs.