Hidden Kingdom is the setting of most events in Hero: 108. It appears to be a very large region wtih many diverse areas, ranging from oceans, forests, and mountains to deserts and tundras. In Collision Course, Lin Chung calls it "our world" while drawing a picture of his home planet to communicate with an alien, seemingly suggesting that Hidden Kingdom may be the entire planet. Furthermore, in The Sword of Dark Fire, Lin Chung mentions the "molten core of Hidden Kingdom", however, Lin Chung was likely referring to the planet (likely earth) as a whole in both references, and Hidden Kingdom is more likely a region, as seen in The Professionals, when Mr. No Hands mentions "the dark edges of Hidden Kingdom", suggesting that it is a bounded geographical area, which is further corroborated when Commander ApeTrully mentions "The four corners of the realm" in The Bronze Giant. It is the home all main characters, as well as many other humans and animals.

Major LocationsEdit

Secondary LocationsEdit

Animal CastlesEdit

Animal Kings and Queens

Jumpy Ghostface

Golden Eye Husky

Rhino King


Eagle King

Dog King

Panda King

Zebra King (probbely)

Monkey King

Turtle King

Elephant King

Camel King

Parrot King

Snail King (probbely)

Giraffe King

Woodpecker King (probbely)

Baboon King

Duck King (probbely)

Chameleon Queen

Groundhog King

Tiger King

Lion King

Peacock Queen

Whale King (probbely)

Cat King

Cheetah King

Cheetah Queen

Crocodile King

Egret Queen

Ox King

Snake King

Shark King

Octopus King

Crab King

Scorpion King

Duckbill King

Frog King

Ostrich King (probbely)

Sheep Queen

Deer King

Penguin King

Pig King

Skunk King

Porcupine King

Bat King

Hen Queen

Firefly King

Gorilla King

Kangaroo King

Star Nosed Mole King

Seagull King

Seagull Prince

Flying Squirrel King

Stingray King

Pangolin Queen

Lizard King

Barbet King

Armadillo King

Rock Caterpillar King

Yak King

Hamster King

Vulture King

Iguana King

Crane King

Slug King

Alpaca King

Beetle King

Koala King

Lanternfish King

Sloth King

Leech King

Jellyfish King (probbely)

Sea Elephant King

Hermit Crab King

Python King (probbely)

Blue Seahorse Prince

Seahorse Prince

Seahorse King (probbely)

Boar King (probbely)

Swan King (probbely)

Panther King (probbely)

Minotaur King

Polar Bear King

Roto-Wolf King

Ant Queen

Komodo Dragon King (probbely)

Swamp Hippo King



  • It is unclear to what degree Hidden Kingdom is intended to relate to the real world. In some episodes, real world art is closely mimicked, such as in Shark Castle, when structures resembling Easter Island heads were created, and real world places are mentioned, such as that of China in the form of "Chinese soap berries" in Baboon Castle. In other episodes, it appears to be a world unto itself.
  • According to Commander ApeTrully, Hidden Kingdom draws its life energy from the Lake of Thai Gi.