Basic Information
King Golden Eye Husky
Dwelling Liger Castle
Allies Golden Eye Husky, eachother, Humans, Big Green
Enemies Big Green (formerly), HighRoller.

The Ligers are the denizens of Liger Castle. They have very tough skin which makes them invulnerable to most harm. They also can breath fire. The ligers take pride in their ring-throwing and their tails can function as the posts. This is why they carry rings in their mouths. Ligers look very similar to Lions, except Lions don't have bands on their bellies and they have hearts on their tails instead of spikes. They also have darker, brownish colours.

In Liger Castle, Commander ApeTrully and the Tank Army tried to make peace with them. The ligers managed to get them to let their guard down by wearing pink glasses which gave them a cute, innocent appearance. The ligers then stole the tanks and held them hostage. When First Squad arrived, they too were fooled until Yaksha popped Mystique Sonia's zit onto Liger King (Golden Eye Husky)'s glasses, breaking them and blowing their cover. Angry, Liger King destroyed Yaksha with his fire breath, took a heart-broken Sonia hostage, and along with the other ligers, engaged First Squad in battle. Sonia got Yaksha back by turning one of the Tank Army soldiers into one and together they stopped the ligers by tickling them. Liger King then challenged Big Green to a ring-throwing competition. They beat First Squad unfairly, and so Sonia called the Sailor Brothers. They easily won, and the ligers joined Big Green. 



  • They are based on the hybrids of lions and tigers known as Ligers. Being hybrids has given them defense against attacks from the tiger half and their appearance from the lion half.