Lin Chung
Hero108 linchung
Basic Information
Hero: 6
Species Human

Panther (temporarily)

Dwelling Big Green
Allies Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray, Mr. No Hands, Jumpy Ghostface, Tien Khuan,Commander ApeTrully, Woo the Wise, Second squad (at times)
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp, Second Squad (at times)
Voice Actor Andrew Francis
Lin Chung is a human warrior and sharpshooter dedicated to keeping peace in Hidden Kingdom with Big Green. He is one of the main protagonists of the series Hero: 108 and is Big Green's most skilled fighter. As of season two, he is the leader of First Squad.


Little is known of Lin Chung's life prior to joining Big Green. However, he was at some point trained by Tien Khuan, whom he regards to this day as his master. During this time he evidently learned of or witnessed Tien Khuan's history, giving him knowledge of such matters as the Sword of Dark Fire and Tien Khuan's alliance and subsequent split with Chiung Ming.

Under as of yet unknown circumstances, Lin Chung eventually joined Big Green and was made a member of First Squad. During his days at Big Green prior to the events of Elephant Castle, it is known that he took an interest in wood carving. However, his lack of skill prompted the mockery of his teammates and submerged him in abject depression. It was only by taking a new interest, drawing, that he recovered his self esteem.

Lin Chung's life has been far more clearly recorded as of Rabbit Castle, since which time his skill has been of major importance on many missions and adventures. Many animals, including the camels, elephants, porcupines, sharks, crabs, and cheetahs, were convinced to respect humans largely by witnessing his great skills, particularly in the areas of combat, sharpshooting, and art.

Shortly after a battle with the fireflies, Lin Chung briefly left Big Green on account of visions he had of Tien Khuan. During this time, he was taught the power of Harmonic Energy, and became skilled in its use. He finally returned to Big Green to help stop the threat of a volcano, during which time he learned of Twin Masters. Shortly after demonstrating the potent ability of Harmonic Energy to counteract Chaotic Energy, he was promoted to leader of First Squad.

In Time to Go Home, Lin Chung was inadvertently flung back in time, leading him to meet and later duel Prince Yang Tu. However, due to a mishap involving Yang Tu's peculiar double bladed sword, Lin Chung's Harmonic Energy was split into two streams of Chaotic Energy that infected Yang Tu and caused him to eventually grow into Twin Masters.

When the final battle with Twin Masters loomed on the horizon, Lin Chung, inspired by Tien Khuan, discovered the Bronze Giant, which could be created by the fusion of 107 heroes. Lin Chung then set upon uniting these heroes and became the Bronze Giant's de facto head. When the battle drew to a close, Lin Chung led the other heroes in uniting their collective Harmonic Energies, allowing a blast that could destroy Twin Masters.

Appearance Edit

Lin Chung is tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He has deep-set eyes, a pointed chin, a broad squarish nose, and straight, shoulder length, thick grey hair that kind of sticks out and covers his ears. He wears a distinctive square helmet with a woven pattern on the front. Additionally, he almost always wears a black shirt with one long sleeve on one side and a cut-away section on the other that reveals half his chest and leaves the other arm bare. On his wrists are studded brown bands, and on his feet, black shoes. He is rarely seen without his purple staff with a red feather on it, this being his signature weapon. In Animals Inside he turned into a charcoal coloured panther with black spots with a greyish belly and black hands and feet.


The cool, quiet backbone of First Squad, if Lin Chung's First Squad team members cannot find him, they know to look for him in the bamboo forest where he mediates, calmly waiting for more ammunition to grow. Despite being a great warrior, Lin Chung is not violent, and is very slow to anger, showing it only, it would appear, when his passionately made drawings are destroyed. He is not one who takes criticism very well; in Camel Castle, when his artistic skills are mocked, he withdraws within himself rather than show anger. In Elephant Castle, he does become angry with Elephant King, but merely demands that he apologize. He is very good friends with all of the others in his Squad, especially Jumpy Ghostface, who is his best friend.

However, though his cool head serves well to curb the more impulsive members of First Squad, Lin Chung is also known to take his aloofness too far, becoming deeply stoic at times. It is sometimes thought that Lin Chung cannot take a joke, and indeed it was a shock to First Squad when, in Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train, he actually joked with them. Additionally, Lin Chung is deeply spiritual, which sometimes brings him ridicule, as does his obsession with drawing. All of this has led, at times, to alienation with his squad, though in the end, they all respect him highly, and despite being distant, Lin Chung is still deeply perceptive of the concerns of others. And he also seems to be able to guess what others are hiding.


  • Bamboo Sniper: Lin Chung uses a long bamboo staff for his sniper gun and arms it with the extremely sharp ends of newly sprouted bamboo shoots.
  • Panther Vision: Panther Vision allows Lin Chung to see great distances by holding his hands up to his eyes like binoculars; this power also allows him to see actions in slow motion while he moves at incredible speed.
  • Masterful Stroke: This move involves a great leap into the air while spinning his staff. He catches the staff, which propels his full body into a spin, thrusting into his opponent with massive force.
  • Art: Lin Chung is also an artist. He is rather obsessed with producing the perfect painting. In the beginning his art was very poor, though it won over the artistic Camels (this was, however because they thought that it was supposed to be abstract). Although his artistic skills are not up to par when he first takes up the brush, he definitely matures and becomes quite a master. Unfortunately, he is often distracted from battle by an intriguing image that he feels he must paint.
  • Tien Khuan's Harmonic Energy: Lin Chung can create a powerful aura around himself composed of mystical Harmonic Energy. As seen in The Rise of Lin Chung he could stop a volcano from exploding by using his own positive energy to nullify the negative energy created by Twin Masters in the volcano. Using this power, he has the ability to create shields, mystical energy beams, barriers or increase his physical attributes, such as speed, strength or agility to a great extent. It has been shown that increasing his speed is comparable to that of his combining with Cheetah King and Cheetah Queen. However, as seen in Stingray, it takes a lot of concentration and energy to use harmonic energy, as seen when Lin Chung fell unconscious due to wearing out his energy, and had to be brought to the surface of the ocean to rest and regain his strength.
  • Balance: Lin Chung can balance on his bamboo staff. He is often sitting on top of it while drawing in his sketchbook. Lin Chung's incredible sense of balance is due to his training with Tien Khuan.
  • Super Strength- Lin Chung has shown phenomenal physical strength on multiple occasions, able to lift large boulders and shatter them with his punches.
  • Super Speed- Lin Chung has shown to be fast enough to keep up with a train going over 5,000 miles per hour on foot and throw punches faster than the eye can see in his fight against the Leech king.
  • Martial Arts Mastery- Lin Chung has, at one point, shown to fight on par with the Samurai Bushido. A warrior who skills are said to be unmatched throughout Hidden Kingdom, by Apetrully. Later on, he was able to swiftly defeat not only the Samurai Bushido, but the Crocodile King at the same time. A feat that Mighty Ray noted he accomplished without utilizing his Harmonic Energy. After his 2 on 1 battle, Lin Chung fought and gained the upper hand against Lady Green, and undefeated fighter who was his last opponent until the tournament was interrupted. It's important to note that Lin Chung himself was also undefeated in the tournament.



LC Ep1 - Thank you for growing little shoots
LC Ep7 - I will help my friends
LC Ep7 - Excellent shot


  • He was unofficially credited as PantherEye in the Chinese CGI promo (possibly from the Panther Vision) and there was no explanation of him being an artist. He, Commander ApeTrully, and High Roller are the only characters that had names which were changed.
    • Interestingly, the Chinese writing next to Lin Chung in the Chinese CGI promo translates to "Leopard head Lin". This is likely due to the fact that a "panther" is a melanistic leopard.
  • Lin Chung's spirit animal is a panther.
  • He is classified as Hero: 006.
    • This corresponds to the sixth ranked Star of Destiny in the novel Water Margin, Lin Chong, whose nickname is "Panther Head".
  • For unknown reasons, Lin Chung often sits with his eyes closed, as if deep in thought. However, as seen in "Camel Castle", it's shown he is still listening, as seen when Mighty Ray said how awful his drawing was, and Lin Chung snapped to attention.
  • Also, Lin Chung often places his hand on others shoulders or backs, usually when speaking to them. This might be to show who he's speaking to that's he's speaking to them, or it might be to comfort them. He has done this once so far without speaking in "Animals Inside", when Mystique Sonia volunteered to go into The Spirit Cave first.
  • Lin Chung's bamboo staff has only broken once, as seen in Roto-Wolves.
  • Lin Chung is the quietest member of First Squad.
  • Lin Chung can create amazing artwork by accident, as seen in Shark Castle, but he hates when this happens.
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