Basic Information
King Lion King
Dwelling Lion Castle
Allies Lion King, each other, Big Green, HighRoller (formerly)
Enemies Big Green (formerly), HighRoller

The Lions first appear in "Lion Castle". They are ruled by Lion King and reside at Lion Castle.


In "Lion Castle", Commander ApeTrully tried to make peace with them using gold. As he approached Lion Castle, Lion King's lion soldiers showed up and stared at ApeTrully menacingly, but Lion King accepted ApeTrully's gold,and invited him into the castle, and showed him basketball. Lion King burst the ball and used ApeTrully to replace it,and ApeTrully had to use his distress signal to call First Squad. After First Squad defeated the lions, with help from Red Faced Kwan and the Infantry, Lion King challenged them to a game of Basketball. After they won, with the help of Mystique Sonia, the lions joined and are currently apart of Big Green where Lion King works as a fitness instructor.


Lions have the same design as Ligers but there are differences, such as Lions have love hearts on their tails tips, while Ligers have pointed cones. Lions tend to be darker colours, while Ligers are shades of yellow.


  • Mane shooting- Lions can shoot their manes at others.


  • The lions are one of the few animal races to accept Commander ApeTrully's gold, although they betrayed him anyway.