Season 1Edit

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
1 Rabbit Castle/Elephant Castle March 1, 2010 101

Rabbit Castle: ApeTrully, Mighty Ray, and Mystique Sonia get captured by Rabbit King.

Elephant Castle : Big Green hears that the elephants are using their whistles to whip humans.

2 Liger Castle/Camel Castle March 2, 2010 102

Liger Castle: Yaksha's desire to pop Mystique Sonia's zit causes trouble while making peace with the ligers.

Camel Castle: Instead of accepting ApeTrully's offer of peace, the camels hold him hostage as a model for their drawings.

3 Parrot Castle/Turtle Cannon Competition March 3, 2010 103

Parrot Castle: After Parrot King accepts Commander ApeTrully's offer to join Big Green, both of them are captured by the Zebra brothers.

Turtle Cannon Competition: First Squad and Second Squad compete in turtle tank races.

4 Pandaffe Castle/Eagle Castle March 4, 2010 104

Pandaffe Castle: After being upstaged at Big Green, singer Rattle Diva sides with the pandas and giraffes instead.

Eagle Castle: While trying to make peace with the eagles, Commander ApeTrully is trapped in their giant skeleton-shaped marionette built by the Zebra brothers and controlled by the eagles.

5 Baboon Castle/Folk Game Competition" March 5, 2010 105

Baboon Castle: Woo the Wise and the Parrot King try to make peace with the baboons, who have been taken over by evil fleas.

Folk Game Competition: Unable to find a solution to increased traffic and decreased housing in East Citadel, Highroller holds a Folk Game Competition to try to acquire Big Green.

6 Pitched Battle of the Tank Army" March 8, 2010 106
First Squad competes against Highroller and a squad of armored chameleons to be the first to obtain a treasure containing two demons who are reputed to turn humans into animals.
7 Camel Castle II/Turtle Cannon Competition II" March 9, 2010 107

Camel Castle II: After beating Lin Chung in an art contest, Camel King believes Camels are superior and evicts the humans from Camel Castle.

Turtle Cannon Competition II: First Squad and Second Squad compete in another Turtle Cannon Competition using turtles of different sizes for each event.

8 Elephant Castle II/Peacock Castle" March 10, 2010 108

Elephant Castle II: The Zebra brothers trick the Elephant King into believing the humans are taking advantage of elephants, and has the humans build tank treads for them.

Peacock Castle: When Mystique Sonia does not fall under the spell of the Peacock Queen's beauty, she challenges Mystique Sonia to a contest of beauty and grace.

9 The Pitched Battle of the Navies" March 11, 2010 109
First Squad and the Big Green Navy compete against Highroller's Navy to be the first to find a large soil-based creature which has emerged from a meteor crash in the ocean.
10 Dog Castle/Rhino Castle" March 12, 2010 110

Dog Castle: Sent to a mountainous area to make peace with the dogs, First Squad also help dentist Wu Song find his long-lost brother, who turns out to be the Dog King.

Rhino Castle: The rhinos mark everyone and everything with the stamps on their horns, believing they can claim what they mark for themselves and Highroller.

11 Lion Castle/Crocodile Castle" March 15, 2010 111

Lion Castle: Mystique Sonia eats too many of her strength-enhancing buns, becoming large and bulky, which comes in handy in making peace with the King of the Lions.

Crocodile Castle: Not knowing that the slot machines are rigged, Commander ApeTrully tries to win a jackpot in order to gain an audience with Crocodile King.

12 Cat Castle/Cheetah Castle" March 16, 2010 112

Cat Castle: Commander ApeTrully and the Zebra brothers are captured for laughing, which is outlawed by the Cat King.

Cheetah Castle: A Cocky Alien crashes First Squad's shuttlecock competition with the King and Queen of Cheetahs.

13 Air Battle/Shark Castle March 17, 2010 113

Air Battle: The Zebra brothers send the eagles to attack Big Green and end up overwhelming the Air Force and Anti-Air Troops.

Shark Castle: The sharks have taken a boat full of people hostage. Meanwhile, First Squad admires Lin Chung's "accidental art."

14 Parrot Castle II/Folk Game Competition II 114

Parrot Castle II: The Soldiers of Darkness capture the parrots and Jumpy Ghostface, who was protecting Parrot King. The Zebra brothers use their Ghost Lantern powers against the Soldiers of Darkness.

Folk Game Competition II: Annoyed that his followers are reading Big Green's books, Highroller orders the Zebra brothers to destroy all books, and holds a Folk Game Competition to distract Big Green from this undertaking.

15 Snake Castle/Octopus Castle March 18, 2010 115

Snake Castle: Snake King and his subjects turn anyone who looks at them into eggs kept inside their boxes.

Octopus Castle: Jumpy's ability to draw others into his daydreams comes in handy when making peace with the octopi.

16 EgretOx Castle/Firework Festival of East Citadel March 19, 2010 116

EgretOx Castle: The egrets and the oxen torment humans by tempting them with fried rice, then throwing lead balls at them. A swarm of locusts attacks the rice crops while First Squad attempts to make peace.

Firework Festival of East Citadel: Highroller holds a fireworks contest to see if anyone is a better fireworker master than him, taking hostages who may be freed by the winner.

17 Chameleon Castle/Bald Eagle Castle March 22, 2010 117

Chameleon Castle: Highroller and his allies capture Commander ApeTrully when he tries to make peace with the chameleons.

Bald Eagle Castle: The eagles (now bald eagles after their last encounter with Big Green) want revenge and work with the Zebra brothers who have captured Commander ApeTrully.

18 Crab Castle/Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies March 23, 2010 118

Crab Castle: First Squad and the Sailor Brothers travel inside Sammo Whale to Crab Castle to save captive humans.

Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies: Highroller splits the Zebra brothers up so that they can lead the pig Army and the skunk Army in attacking Big Green.

19 Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train March 24, 2010 119
The Tigers capture humans to power their Great Wall Train to cure Highroller's toothache. First Squad head to the Rocky Desert to save them and dentist Wu Song (who has also been captured).
20 Turtle Cannon Competition III/Scorpion Castle March 25, 2010 120

Turtle Cannon Competition III: Angered that they didn't get nominated in the Big Green Awards, Second Squad leaves Big Green and teams up with Chameleon Queen challenging First Squad to a Turtle Tank Race within Chameleon Queen.

Scorpion Castle: While trying to make peace with the Scorpions, Commander ApeTrully accidentally wrecks one of their paper ornaments. When most of First Squad are poisoned, Yaksha is the only one to get the antidote.

21 Table Soccer Competition/Groundhog Castle March 26, 2010 121

Table Soccer Competition: HighRoller challenges Big Green to a Table Soccer Competition.

Groundhog Castle: The Groundhog King and his subjects steal vegetables from human farmers.

22 Duckbill Castle/Ostrich Castle March 29, 2010 122

Duckbill Castle: After accidentally wrecking Lin Chung's drawing of them, the Cheetah King and Queen accompany Lin Chung to the castle of Duckbill King to get the picture fixed.

Ostrich Castle: The Bald Eagles (now transformed into Ostriches after an inept rescue by the Zebra Brothers) still team up with them for revenge against First Squad when the Brothers say they have a method to change them back into Bald Eagles.

23 Deer Castle/Porcupine Castle March 30, 2010 123

Deer Castle: Believing the humans are responsible for knocking down their card towers, the Deer hold them captive. Despite being captured himself, Commander ApeTrully helps save the day

.Porcupine Castle: High Roller and the Zebra Brothers capture Big Green's Air Force to draw First Squad into battle against the Porcupines.

24 Sheep Castle/Penguin Castle March 31, 2010 124

Sheep Castle: The Sheep trick First Squad into wearing wool sweaters which shrink and immobilize them when they get wet.

Penguin Castle: A "bad day" gives First Squad a hard time when dealing with the Penguins.

25 Frog Castle/Cheetah Castle II April 1, 2010 125

Frog Castle: The news of the Frogs torturing humans with their music ends up disrupting Rattle Diva's concert.

Cheetah Castle II: After hearing of Cocky Aliens attacking Cheetah Castle, HighRoller plans to trick them to his side in a plot to defeat Big Green.

26 Pitched Battle of the Air Force April 2, 2010 126

Lin Chung imaginatively arranges pieces of different animal pictures, inspiring Woo the Wise to improve an invention to combine animals. Also hearing of this, HighRoller put together an air squad of Eagles, Bats, and Hens working together. When HighRoller seems to also have a Black Dragon, Woo's invention is put to the test to create a Dragon to defeat it

Season 2Edit

27.The Rise of Lin Chung

28.Terra Cotta Warriors/The Strongest Punch & Kick

29.Stingray/Pangolin Castle

30.The Lizard King/Prince of Seagulls

31.The Fruiter/Star Nosed Moles

32.Big Baby Turtles Part I/Big Baby Turtles Part II

33.Shadow Monster/Duo Cannon

34.Second to None/The Hamster King

35.The Return of the Pterodactyls/White Crane

36.The Eyes of Mighty Ray Part I/The Eyes of Mighty Ray Part II

37.Animal Collector/Resurrection of T-Rex

38.Revenge of the Commander of Darkness/The Sword of Dark Fire

39.Enter the Dragon/Ninja Fight

40.Fox King and the Arachno Tanks/The Ghost Ship

41.Jellyfish Jam/Demon Heartland

42.Leech King/The Third Squad

43.Seahorse Temptation/Sloth King

44.Animals Inside Part I/Animals Inside Part II

45.The Dark Below/Gladiators

46.Monster Castle/The Yeti & Phoenix

47.Collision Course/Cyber Animals


49.HighRoller Hydra/Time to Go Home

50.Marine Mine/About Faces

51.The Professionals/Swamp Hippos

52.The Bronze Giant Part I/The Bronze Giant Part II