The locusts are a race of insects. They do not appear to have ever been allied with either Big Green or HighRoller, and it is unknown if they have a castle. They are presently allied with the egrets and oxen.


They are very small, but can cluster together to form larger versions of themselves. They will often do this to interact with larger beings.

Locusts have round heads and squarish bodiess, with long angular wings and thin antennae. Their eyes and chins are reddish-brown in color, while the rest of their bodies, save for their yellow underbellies, are green.


Locusts appered in EgretOx Castle, where their constant raiding of the rice crop was a constant threat to the egrets and oxen. They devoured the crops when the egrets and oxen were still members of Highroller's army. This made the egrets and oxen blast them with lead bombs to make them leave. When First Squad was fighting the egrets and oxen, the locusts returned once again, shifting the oxen and egrets' attention the them. Jumpy Ghostface, fearing for the locusts' safety, risked himself to save them from the cannonballs, but was hit by Ox King in the process. Impressed by Jumpy's sacrifice, the locusts heeded his command that they grow food rather than steal it. They allied with the egrets and oxen, and presently help them grow rice. They are also now good friends with Jumpy Ghostface.

A locust appeared in Shadow Monster, when First Squad, on edge, mistook it for a threat and attacked. They realized their mistake upon noticing that it was merely a locust.


The locusts are not very powerful individually, on account of their size, but are very dangerous when attacking en masse. They can also cluster together to form larger versions of themselves, which were as strong as regular sized beings. Locusts possess prodigious appetites and will eat great amounts of food. They can also fly.




  • Though the locusts do not appear to speak human language, they did know the word "rice".