A mosquito

Mosquitoes are a race of tiny insects.  They are not known to have any monarch or castle.


Mosquitos were a major nuisance at East Citadel during the time of Pitched Battle of the Tank Army.  All the trash was causing them to breed rapidly, leading to the inhabitants of the city being swarmed.  Highroller attempted to remedy the solution by making Chameleon Queen eat all of the mosquitos, but many remained later.  These mosquitos followed HighRoller's tank army when they went to retreive a treausure that Big Green was seeking, and ended up biting the Zebra brothers as they guarded the Bell Tower.

In Duckbill Castle, the Zebra brothers used their ghost lanterns to summon mosquitos.  However, these mosquitos were not real mosquitos, and actually resembled tiny winged zebras.  They used these mosquitos to attack Lin Chung, Cheetah King, and Cheetah Queen.  This swarm was defeated along with the zebras.



  • Unlike most animals in Hidden Kingdom, the mosquitos have not shown any sign of intelligence.
  • It was by eating mosquitos that Chameleon Queen attained her enormous size.