Mystique Sonia
Basic Information
Gender Female
Species Human

Swan (temporarily)

Hero: 103
Species Human
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Yaksha, Lin Chung, Mighty Ray, Jumpy Ghostface, Mr. No Hands, Panda King, Elephant King,Mystique Folly Second squad (at times)
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp, Second Squad (at times)
Voice Actress Kelly Sheridan
Mystique Sonia is one of the main protagonists of the series Hero: 108. She rivals with Hurricane Lee of Second Squad.


Mystique Sonia has white skin, triangular light blue eyes, light blue lips, and a light blue tongue. She also has a beauty spot on the left side of her face near her left eye. Her hair is black and bobbed and it covers her ears, which are small and rounded with black insides. She also often wears Yaksha on her head like a hat. She wears a grey strapless dress which has a picture of a skull on it with black curvy lines and a pink outline. Her puffed red pants make her legs appear bigger than they probably are, and she wears black boots on her feet.

In Scorpion Castle, she wore a red and gold sleeveless dress with a pink version of her red trousers and has her hair tied in two buns with gold bands.

In "Animals Inside" she turned into her spirit animal, a white swan with blue eyes and a blue beak with her beauty spot.


Mystique Sonia is a tough, seasoned, and selfish warrior, but also a total girl. It is not unheard of her to take down Mighty Ray in a wrestling competition and then decide to redecorate the First Squad Briefing Room. Mystique Sonia is admired by many boy Heroes, especially by the soldiers in the Big Green Army. The Sailor Brothers have a terrible crush on her as well. But woe to the one who tells Mystique Sonia he loves her. Since she is cursed with a spell, anyone who tells her he loves her three times in a row turns into a Yaksha. In one episode, "Liger Castle", she lost her Yaksha then a member of the Big Green army told her he loved her 3 times in a row, therefore turning into a Yaksha. 

She also likes to look good, as seen in Liger Castle, when she was very upset when she had a pimple on her face, and in Peacock Castle, when she got Yaksha to do her hair in a new style and was upset when her new look got destroyed. Also, in "Scorpion Castle", she got Lin Chung to paint her nails and was thrilled with how they came out, and in the same episode, she was annoyed when none of First Squad would look at her New Years dress. She can also be a bit immature.

She has good relationship with Yaksha. However, if Yaksha causing bad things, Sonia became mad enough to abandon him as when he interfering Lin Chung fingernails painting in Scorpion Castle and causing Jumpy lost few of his fur in Sheep Castle.

Sonia has a soft spot in her heart for animals and is very fond of both Elephant and Panda Kings, as well as the Turtle Cannons. Sonia often feeds First Squad by growing magic buns. She has many different kinds of seeds that she throws on the ground. When Mystique Sonia spits on these seeds they instantly grow and provide various powers.

Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia have an interesting relationship. It is suspected that they actually like each other, but they squabble like siblings and are always competing against each other. She also appears to be close to Lin Chung, as seen in Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train where she was worried about him when he turns into an old man, but when he is young again, she hugs him, relieved he was back to normal.


Mystique Sonia's main weakness is her long tongue, that can sometimes be used against her, like tying her up.



  • Tongue Manipulation: Mystique Sonia has such a strong tongue that she can use it to level buildings. She can also stretch her tongue and turn it into various objects, such as a sword and a chainsaw. Sonia can also spin her tongue to projects strong winds and tornadoes. Her spinning tongue can also give her the ability to fly.
  • Yaksha: Mystique Sonia's Yaksha can stretch into any shape.
  • Yaksha Transformation: A curse of sorts; anyone who says 'I Love you' to her three times in succession will be turned into a Yaksha.
  • Saliva: Mystique Sonia can grow buns with her saliva.
  • Super Chi: Sonia can use Super Chi to enhance her speed dramatically and give her an energy boost; overuse of the Super Chi technique can harm her body.


MS Ep1 - Ker-bleh!
MS Ep5 - You Zebras are in big trouble


  • Despite being fully aware of the spell placed upon her, Mystique Sonia has neglected to mention who put it on her or why. It is not yet confirmed whether she even knows. It may have happened when she was very young (she has also neglected to mention exactly when it happened), so she might not remember it properly.
  • Mystique Sonia's spirit animal is a swan.
  • Mystique Sonia seems to be a very affectionate person, as she has hugged quite a few characters. Jumpy Ghostface twice, once in "Parrot Castle and again in "Elephant Castle II", Lin Chung in "Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train", a rabbit in "Rabbit Castle", Panda King in "Snake Castle" and Penguin King in "Penguin Castle". She also group hugged with Mighty Ray, Lin Chung, and Jumpy Ghostface in About Faces.
  • In the Chinese CGI promos, there is no explanation showing her ability to stretch her tongue but it does explain that she grew buns.
  • She also has a baby blue version of her usual dress hanging in her room. It's currently unknown what this dress is used as, if anything. It's not her nightie, because as seen in "Crocodile Castle", she has a peach and orange long sleeved nightie with orange flowers on the front.
  • She is classified as Hero:103.
    • This corresponds to the one hundred third ranked Star of Destiny in the novel Water Margin, Sun Erniang, whose nickname is "Female Yaksha". She is also one of only three women in the group.
  • Mystique Sonia's name has two pronunciations. It is usually pronounced Sown-yah, but at times, usually by Sonia herself, it's pronounced Sahn-yah.
  • Mystique Sonia's nickname for Mighty Ray is "Banana brain".
  • In "Prince of Seagulls", it was revealed that she can also fly like Mr. No Hands, with the use of Yaksha as her propeller. She does something similar in a flashback in The Yeti & Phoenix, using her tongue as a propeller, though it was not made clear if this was true flight or an enhanced jump.
    • It was also shown in "Air Battle" that she can fly, with her tongue as her propeller, Yaksha's arms as her wings, and with Mighty Ray riding at her back, much similar to a plane.
  • Some points of her earlier life have been mentioned. In White Crane, it's mentioned that she never had any sisters, while in Prince of Seagulls, she mentions a mug that she has had since she was five years old.
  • Mystique Sonia tends to sashay when she walks.
  • In some designs, Mystique Sonia was shown holding a skinny black staff with a bun on the top, however, she has yet to be seen with it in the show, suggesting it may have been a preliminary idea.

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