Octopus King
Octopus King
Basic Information
Species Octopus
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Big Green, First Squad, Zebra Brothers (formerly), Commander ApeTrully.
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Big Green (formerly)

Octopus King is the leader of the octopodes. In "Octopus Castle", he has his soldiers steal Big Green's colours under the command of the Zebra Brothers to lure First Squad into a trap. After they defeat the octopi ambush, he challenges First Squad to bamboo-dancing compitition for the colours. Although Mighty Ray loses, the others jump them with ease. The Zebras then have the octopi burp their ink to confuse them. But this only makes them look into Jumpy Ghostface's eyes which puts them in his fantasy. There, they get attacked by a T-Rex which knocks them into a sushi bar. Just as the T-Rex is about to eat the Octupus King, Jumpy comes in and saves them. Grateful, Octopus King has his minions return the colours and joins Big Green. In "Pitched Battle of the Air Force", he was one of the animals used in Woo the Wise's test run.


Octopus King is distinguished from other octopodes by his larger size and he is the only octopus that is yellowish green in colour.


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