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Oxen and Egrets

The Oxen first appeared in "EgretOx Castle". Oxen are notable for being one of the only animals to work in such close proximation with other animals in that they occupy the same castle as they work closely with the egrets. Oxen have several abilities. Oxen are quite strong. Oxen can use their tails as hands or use them to mow crops. Oxen can rotate their horns and use them with rubber bands as catapults. At the rice patties, they do the muscle work such as plowing the land and seperating the rice from the plants. They along with the egrets are good farmers. In "EgretOx Castle", Ape Trully came when the humans told him that the Egrets and Oxen were blasting them with lead bombs. Ape Trully found out the hard way that the reason the humans couldn't stay out of range was because they kept luring them in which their good smelling rice and when went into their farms to make peace, but they captured him and used him as a scarecrow. When First Squad arrived they had an easy time fighting them until the oxen froze them with their good smelling rice. The oxen and egrets then blasted Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia, and Jumpy Ghostface with their lead bombs and pinned them down. Lin Chung then fought them until the locusts came and began to eat the crops. Together they started blasting the locusts until Jumpy started protecting them. Annoyed, Egret Queen laucned Ox King at Jumpy and the locusts came into bigger ones and began crying. Jumpy then told them they have to help if they want rice and locust then made peace with the oxen and egrets who furthermore made peace with the humans. They now work with both the humans and egrets to grow rice.