Basic Information
Dwelling Pandaffe Castle
Allies Panda King, Giraffe King, eachother, Rattle Diva, Big Green.
Enemies HighRoller, Zebra Brothers, Big Green (formerly).

The Pandas first appeared in "Pandaffe Castle". The Pandas work very closely with the Giraffes as they occupy the same castle. Pandas are so tough that if they're launched like cannon balls by the Giraffes, they can topple big things like the tanks. Pandas can also take chair-like form for Humans, while they were made to sit and listen to Giraffe King and Panda King's music. When Commander ApeTrully didn't clap, they took him hostage, and he had to call First Squad. When First Squad got there the giraffes were launching the Pandas at the Tank Army. Lin Chung snook in and found that the attack was making them tired. This became useless, however, because Panda King and Giraffe King renergized them with their music. When they summoned Rattle Diva,she was still angry over her concert being interrupted, and she switched to the other side and helped create mega music. This only ended up super energising the Giraffes, and they catapulted the Pandas and they got stuck on the clouds. After First Squad got them down, they joined Big Green.