Parrot King
Parrot King
Basic Information
Species Parrot
Dwelling Big Green, Parrot Castle
Allies Big Green, First Squad, Commander ApeTrully, Woo the Wise
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp
Voice Actor Andrew Francis
Parrot King is the king of the parrots at Parrot Castle.


Parrot King taught animals human language in the past although it is not known how he learned, although it's possible that because parrots repeat other people's words, he had the ability to speak all along. But his lessons stopped when HighRoller convinced him that humans are evil. He has a change of heart when Commander ApeTrully tells him the truth and reveals he is his old student, Monkey King.

He currently teaches human language to the animals of Big Green, including Jumpy Ghostface. He is seen and mentioned is many episodes after his debut. He may know all the animal languages, as he speaks baboon in Baboon Castle and tiger in Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train. Parrot King also knows ApeTrully's secret identity and he promised not to reveal it to anyone in Big Green.


He is distinguished from the other parrots by his slightly larger size, long tail, face markings, orange beak and his green color. He isn't much of a fighter, but does drop pellet bombs like the other parrots. In his first appearance Parrot Castle, it is revealed that Commander ApeTrully, known to him then as Monkey King, was his favorite student. Parrot King is often riding on his snail, which is shown to have lie-detecting abilities.


Parrot king does not like liars, as seen in Parrot Castle, when ApeTrully told him the truth about HighRoller, and he worried that Apetrullys mind had been corrupted by lies from the humans. He also seems to be very nice, as he wanted to teach the animals of Big Green to speak human language in the same episode, and when he asked Jumpy Ghostface if he like to join his class and Jumpy responded by hugging him, he hugged back, amazed and glad at Jumpy's enthusiasm. He can be quick-tempered, as when he attempted to swat a butterfly which had interrupted him, but immediately realized his error and praised Jumpy Ghostface for his bravery in defending it.



  • Parrot King is the only other character, other than ApeTrully himself, to know ApeTrully's secret, because he knew ApeTrully prior to the war.
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