Peacock Queen

The peacocks are a race of animals dwelling in Hidden Kingdom. The reside at Peacock Castle under the leadership of Peacock Queen. They first appeared in "Peacock Castle".


The peacocks evidently allied with HighRoller sometime prior to Peacock Castle, but did not fully subscribe to HighRoller's belief in torturing humans. Rather, Peacock Queen used her beautiful tail feathers to mesmerize the humans to make them do her bidding. Commander ApeTrully attempted to negotiate with the peacocks, but ultimately fell under the same spell as the mixels, falling in love with Peacock Queen's enchanting beauty. First Squad also came, and were again mesmerized, save for Mystique Sonia, who was preoccupied with her own beauty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All peacocks are known to be able to keep time with extreme precision, down to the second, because they love to be punctual. In fact, they can even assume a clock form by combining with another peacock, uniting their tails to create a circle like the face of a clock and using their necks as hands.

Peacock Queen has demonstrated several other abilities never utilized by the majority of peacocks. She can create small tornados with her mastery of hand fans, as well as hypnotize other beings with her extreme beauty. She has also mastered human language.


  • Real-world peacocks are males while peahens are females. Peahens are not very colorful, in contrast Peacock Queen's beautiful colored feathers. Typically, only male birds have such a feature in order to attract a mate.
  • The peacocks are very timed and have a tea time every day, even in the middle of a battle.
  • Peacock Queen also made an appearence in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force" when Woo the Wise tested his fusion cube invention on her, Elephant King, Scorpion King and Octopus King. The creation had the head of Elephant King, the body and tail of Scorpion King, Peacock Queen's head at the end of Scorpion King's tail and the tentacles of Octopus King. Also shown are two peacocks when someone looks at the clock.