Basic Information

The Rabbits first appear in "Rabbit Castle".


Rabbits have several abilities and tactics.

  • Ears: they can use their ears to attack, or as extra arms.
  • Jump Roping: Being good jumpers makes them highly skilled at jump roping, they're so good that the rope can be used to block attacks, slice or ram stuff, and bounce and roll around.
  • Whips: They also use their ropes as whips to ensnare foes.
  • Carrots: The rabbits also wield their second favorite food: carrots as weapons as well (they, like many other animals love lollipops most). They can be thrown like shurikens or be used as grenades if the stems are bitten off.
  • Stinky Burps : Rabbits can also burp very bad breath which can knock people out.


In "Rabbit Castle", the rabbits were mercilessly attacking Humans after having been tricked by High Roller that humans were their enemies, showing that they are somewhat naïve (believe what they're told). Commander ApeTrully then came with the Tank Army to make peace. But when the Rabbit King rejects his carrot gifts the rabbits battle the tank army and capture Apetrully . Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia come to save him but get captured themselves. Lin Chung then comes and frees them and they defeat the rabbit soldiers. Rabbit King then challenges them to contest to see if they can pierce his jump rope. After they do the rabbits join Big Green in admiration for their skills.


Rabbits have upside down heart shaped heads and have buck teeth and no visible lower jaw. They have small red eyes, long rectangle ears, squarish bodies with rectangle legs and rounded paws, and circle tails. They come in 3 colours, white, pink and yellow, the only exception being Spotter the rabbit, who is snot green coloured.


  • The rabbits have huge carrot farms around their castle.
  • Jumpy Ghostface is the rabbit king