Rhinos (Hero 108)
The Rhinos first appeared in "Rhino Castle".

When the only tribute they give HighRoller is a smashed vase, Highroller gives the rhinos stamps which are equipped to their horns and tells them whatever they stamp belongs to them and Highroller. when Commander ApeTrully tries to make peace with the rhinos, one of the Zebra brothers deliberately pokes Rhino King in the rear end with a pin causing Rhino King to stamp Commander ApeTrully. The Rhinos attack using their horns and charging. When the turtle king has his turtles form a barrier around the Rhinos and Rhino King, Mr. No Hands tells them just because they stamp something doesn't mean they own it. Rhino King is dissapointed when he realizes that Highroller and the Zebra brothers lied to the Rhinos and charges at the Zebra brothers to express his discontent and the Zebra brothers are sent through the air and crash through the roof of East Citadel onto Highroller. They join big green where their stamps are used as part of Woo the Wise's Rhino Typewriter.