Scorpion King
Scorpion King
Basic Information
Hero: 35
Species Scorpion
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Big Green, First Squad, High Roller (formerly), other Scorpions, Humans
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp

Scorpion King is the king of scorpions.


At some point in the past, Scorpion King was approached by HighRoller's forces. He was subsequently known to operate with the Zebra brothers. He and his scorpions then began terrorizing humans, creating paper cuts and affixing them to every surface of the humans' homes. If any of these paper cuts were damaged, scorpions would apprehend, sting, and imprison those guilty. 

In Scorpion Castle, Commander ApeTrully was captured by scorpion king and his forces when he accidently tore a paper cut of Highroller inside of a human home. Scorpions captured him, but he summoned First Squad, who hastened to his aid.

First Squad encountered the Scorpions outside their castle, where Scorpion King and his forces attacked. They initially had victory, as First Squad was not equipped to handle their venom, which forced to afflicted by it to be upside down. However, the scorpions failed to sting Yaksha, who proved able to position Mighty Ray such that he could still use his electrical eyeballs. First Squad secured an advantage and managed to obtain the Zebras' venom antidote.

However, Scorpion King and his scorpions turned on the Zebras. In retaliation the brothers used the magic of their ghost lanterns to combine into a towering zebra monster, intending to destroy the Scorpions' paper cuts. FIrst Squad managed to defeat the Zebras, and Scorpion King joined Big Green in gratitude. The scorpions then took to beautifying the base with their paper cuts.

Later, he was amongst the animals on whom Woo the Wise's fusion machine was tested in Pitched Battle of the Air Force.

Scorpion King aided in upgrading Big Green and later joined the 107 heroes in forming the Bronze Giant in The Bronze Giant. His stinger tail was used to battle Twin Masters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like other scorpions, Scorpion King possesses sharp claws and a stinging tail. His stinger produces venom which forces its victims to remain upside down. One who is afflicted will not be able to right him or herself unless the antidote is administered. He can also fire stinger missiles from his tail, which explode on impact. His claws can be used to skillfully cut paper.


Scorpion King has a long brown body and a large tail which ends in a green stinger. He has six short legs and two larger arms, which end in pincers. He resembles other scorpions, but the red markings on his face are different, he is brown, and he has two stubby antannae.


  • Scorpion King is classified on the official website as hero 035.
    • This corresponds to the thirty-fifth ranked Star of Destiny in the novel Water Margin, Xie Bao, whose nickname is "Twin-tailed Scorpion".
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