The Scorpions appear in "Scorpion Castle". In the show, scorpions are almost as big as elephants! The scorpions can use their claws. The main attack is their stingers. Scorpions can directly sting someone or shoot the stingers like missles. The scorpions stingers can either inject venom into a victim, or explode like missles. The venom in the scorpions stingers will make anyone who's stand upside-down unless they drink the anitdote. The scorpions take very much pride in paper cutting as they're skilled at making paper decorations. In "Scorpion Castle", ApeTrulley came hearing that the scorpions were mistreating humans. He found their tunnel home covered in paper-cuts for the festival celebrating the new year, and when he broke one the scorpions came and captured them. When First Squad came, they found everyone upside-down. Under the orders of the Zebras, the Scorpions fought First Squad and stung them all making them all turn upside-down. They managed to be the scorpions when Mighty Ray merged with Yaksha to form a scorpion-like combo. Angry at the Zebras for giving First Squad the anitdote, the Scorpion King tried to pinch them. But the Zebras used their Ghost Lanterns to become huge and decided to destroy the paper-cuts. Luckily, thanks to a ton of strength buns, a huge Yaksha merged with First Squad to form "Yaksha-tron" and after a long fight they beat the Zebras into retreat. Out of gratitude the scorpions joined Big Green and made decorations for the new year.