The sharks

The Sharks appear in "Shark Castle". Sharks can rotate their sharp teeth to function like a chainsaw. They can also spin shells in their mouths to act like drills or shoot them lke torpedos. In "Shark Castle" the sharks sink a boat and take the people hostage. When Commander ApeTrully gets word about this, he along with First Squad, the Sailor Brothers, and Sammo Whale set out to make peace despite the fact that Sammo was covered in barnacles at the time. When they get there, the sharks attack but their attacks are blocked by the barnacles. The sharks try to expose Sammo by removing the barnacles but this only unclogs the cannons and allows them to fire at them. In the process, Mighty Ray ends up turning bald. Shark King refuses to surrender unless Lin Chung paints his surfboard like he accidently painted the turtles. Lin Chung manages to do so but Shark King says it isn't enough and challenges him to a surfing contest. During it, Mighty Ray's bald blinds Lin Chung and causes him to crash into the rocks. Shark King wins but the sharks join Big Green in admiration for Lin Chung's skills (When Lin Chung crashed into the rocks, he turned them into statues).