The Sheep


The sheep are the denizens of Sheep Castle, where they are ruled by Sheep Queen


The sheep evidently learned to speak human language at some point in the past, possibly from Parrot King.  They were later convincd by HighRoller to turn on humans, and they joined his side.  In response, Commander ApeTrully approached them and attempted to persuade them to join Big Green.  Met with failure and capture, First Squad was summoned to confront the sheep, but were trapped in wool sweaters that shrink dangerously tightly when wet.  First Squad noted, however, that the sheep would also be vulnerable to shrinking wool if the oils on their wool could be removed, and Yaksha was sent to summon Baboon King to this end.  He arrived with barrels with which he trapped the sheep and scrubbed their wool, trapping them as well.  The sheep attempted to escape to a hidden chamber where a fire would dry their wool, but First Squad pursued them and were also freed.  In the following
confrontation, the sheep were defeated, but refused to surrender unless Sheep Queen could be beaten in a knitting competition.  Victory was almost lost for Big Green until Yaksha managed to control Mystique Sonia's hands to copy Sheep Queen's movements.  Having been defeated, the sheep relented and joined Big Green, for whom Sheep Queen agreed to knit wool sweaters.

Later, Sheep Queen would help form the Bronze Giant.


Sheep are covered in thick wool coats, which come in a variety of colors, including white, red, green, yellow, blue, and purple.  These coats cover most of their bodies, but their pink skin is visible on their legs and faces, They have prominent white lips and beady eyes.  Their hooves are flat and purple.  Sheep Queen is the only one known to have horns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The sheep are known to value the art of knitting highly, and some, such as Sheep Queen, have great skill.  Their wool can serve to keep them warm, and is also invulnerable to water-induced shrinking on account of special oil within it.  Those with horns can use them for ramming.  A few of them are known to have fluent command of human language.


Though normally protected by oils in their wool to prevent it from shrinking when wet, they are almost completely incapacitated if these oils are removed and their wool is exposed to water.

Notable SheepEdit