The Snakes

The snakes appear in "Snake Castle". The snakes often stay inside their boxes when inside the castle. The snakes are known for their ability to hynotize people when they look them in the eyes and turn them into eggs. Apparently, the snakes love music; especially the flute. The snakes will wear a wide variety of masks to fool their victims into looking them in the eyes. When Commander Ape Trully tried to make peace with their king, the Snake King scare him & turned him into an egg. It was then revealed that the snakes were making people enter their castle to turn them into eggs. Although they were on High Roller's side, they caught anyone who got near their boxes as when the Zebra Brothers tried to look at the eggs in Snake King's box they got scared & turned into eggs themselves. First Squad too got turned into eggs, all except Mystique Sonia who stayed behind because she was afraid. When they capture Yaksha, Sonia starts to fight them which results in the flute Panda King gave her getting snapped in half. But when she plays it, all the snakes love it and dance to it while at the same time it turns everyone back to normal. After Snake King kicks out the angry Zebras the snakes join Big Green.