The Soil Monster

The Soil Monster appeared in "The Pitched Battle of the Navies". A meteor crashed into the ocean which released this monster. It can extend these to ensnare things or suck things up with its powerful suction. Apparently, direct attacks and projectiles don't harm it. In "Pitched Battle of the Navies", it was sucking up islands in the southern sea as reported by the Air Force. Commander ApeTrully then sent First Squad to stop it. Eagle King reported this to High Roller who then took 3 small purple Whales of his navy to get on his army. The two sides battled each other and after a volleyball competition, First Squad beat High Roller's forces. They then proceeded to stop the monster. Their initial efforts came to no avail and they almost got sucked up when they had to save Mighty Ray who was sucked onto an island. When they got to a safe distance, Lin Chung knocked one of Mighty Ray's eyes onto the monster and when he activated the other the monster got zapped until it was fried into a solid dust structure. When High Roller and the Zebra Brothers came to, they approached the fried body and tried to befriend it. This only resulted in the structure collapsing on them and leaving them covered in dust leaving a frustrated High Roller to cry.


The soil monster is very large, black and blob shaped. It has tentacle tube like-eyes and mouth and no limbs.


  • The soil monster is deceased as of its only appearance, "The Pitched Battle of the Navies" .