Sparky White
Basic Information
Allies Twin Masters(Formerly, deceased), HighRoller, Sparky Black (brother)
Enemies Big Green, Humans, Commander ApeTrully, Sparky Black (At times)
Dwelling East Citadel
Species Zebra
Voice Actor Brian Drummond

Sparky White, sometimes referred to as Sparky W is the twin brother of Sparky Black, and one of HighRoller's servants. He is a white zebra with black stripes.


Alongside his brother, Sparky White took lessons about human language from Parrot King before the war. According to Parrot King, they were both poor students, and they never paid attention in class. They later became supporters of HighRoller, with whom the shared a similar ideology: a love of power and candy and a hatred for humans.


  • In contrast to his brother, Sparky White has a small right foot and a large left foot, and a red ghost lantern.